Tarifa plana España 4 euros/ Sin gastos de envío en pedidos superiores a 60 euros 

Tarifa plana España 4 euros/ Sin gastos de envío en pedidos superiores a 60 euros 

MAD design Workshop

Our workshop is the cornerstone of our work and when it comes to ensuring the quality of ChinPum by MAD design products . In it, in addition to manufacturing our final products, we develop the prototypes necessary to make the best decisions about design, use of materials, variants and packaging.

Hand tools in a worshop Worker assembling a baby gym


Hands on work

Our design process is fundamentally nourished by a "hands-on" philosophy, where the main creative tool and connection between the different processes is the intense manufacture of prototypes. From the first idea and sketch to the final piece, we make and remake as many prototypes as necessary to reach the result that really satisfies us.

Worker cutting material in a workshop pile of wooden pieces to sand


All our prototypes and final products are manufactured in our workshop in Madrid, with our own combination of traditional and contemporary techniques, ensuring complete control of the manufacturing process and allowing us to quickly and efficiently deal with unforeseen events that may arise . We obviously reuse some successfully previously used techniques, materials and details , but we always test them though the making of one to one scale prototypes. And there is always something to improve and learn.

Wooden parrtsDetail of a shelf prototype


Our main material is wood, solid or laminated but always coming from responsibly managed forests. We make sure that all the wood we use and all our suppliers have certifications confirming this (FSC, EUR1 or PEFC).

Likewise, our finishes, varnishes or paints are water-based and are certified according to the European standard on Toy Safety EN73.3.

+ Info about material and finishes

Desk board being cut Prototype of a desk Wooden pieces on a carpenter´s bench Several baby gyms waiting to be painted